Workshop: Developing your practice plan


Practice plans are so important…

Here’s the thing. Creating a practice plan is a CHALLENGE. I spent so much of my life feeling completely lost with this!





You need a practice plan…

But where do you start?

Over the years, I have had too much time to think, explore, experiment, and refine my practice systems. Here are some of the most important lessons I have learned:

  1. A good plan starts with good goals and knowing where you are going.
  2. A good plan is like a good diet, balanced and sustainable!
  3.  A good plan is made up of many parts. It understands the different types of practice and the purpose of each practice session.
  4. A good plan is constantly adapting to the changing pace of life.
  5.  A bad plan is better than no plan. Don’t be afraid to start planning. It gets easier as you go!

This is a workshop replay of a live session we had. This means you will receive a recording of the workshop along with all the resources to help you plan your practice.


Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  • Learn more about practice and what you need to do it well;
  • Learn how to set up good, healthy, and realistic goals;
  • Discover how you can transform those goals into good action steps;
  • Walk away with your first practice plan and continue to get input from the community as you go!

Sign up and get this BONUS content as well:

  • Our goal to action step cheat sheet to help you find quicker and easier ways to solve your practice problems
  • Practice template for you to continue to use and fill out not just once, but in weeks to come as well! (if you don’t already have our journal!)
  • Our current Practice Toolbox with lots of great techniques to practice and solve technical problems.


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