Long tones with a twist – 5 steps to better flute tone (Sheet music)


Long tones can be frustrating and honestly, a bit boring to practice.  This fun, creative, and very effective process will help you develop your tone and practice those all-important long tones.




Long tones are so important, especially while you are developing your tone. However, they are also a challenge to practice. Many players find them tedious, boring, frustrating, and very unsatisfying. The truth is, we just need to keep practicing them consistently and the results will show. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make your long-tone practice a bit more fun! This 5 step process gives you a fun, creative, and very effective way to take on your long-tone practice. I walk you through some of my tried and tested methods of improving your tone quickly while distracting you from the fact that essentially you are just practicing long tones. Get started now!

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