Finding your flute tone



Struggling to find a beautiful tone?

While this is one of the most important aspects of playing the flute…it can be the most frustrating!

This 3-week step-by-step course is designed to help you unlock your unique tone! Let’s walk you through the fundamental principles of getting a good sound on the flute with weekly practice materials, video lessons, and a good dose of fun!





Flute tone is probably the most important aspect of flute playing. Without a beautiful tone, you could have the fastest fingers and play the most complicated pieces, but no one would want to listen to you! Yet it is also one of the most challenging areas of flute playing. How do you get your tone to sound less airy? Why are you struggling to get clean high notes? Why do I sound so screechy? What is up with the low register? This course takes you through a guided process that helps you break down tone into its various components and practice them so that they are not overwhelming. We do this with a good sense of humor, curiosity, and playfulness. Become empowered to start developing your own tone and unique musical voice.

Time to transform your tone

Improve your tone step by step and find YOUR best tone. This course explores the fundamental principles of creating a good flute tone, giving you the tools you need to unlock your potential and unique musical voice.

Get a clearer and more focused tone.

Improve your tone in the high and low register

Get rid of tension and other bad habits

Who is this course good for?

Most players wanting to improve their tone will benefit from this course, however, this course is best suited for anyone who is…

  • Re-learning the flute – This course is EXCELLENT for anyone who is coming back to the flute after many years of not playing. It is designed to help you avoid the tone mistakes that so many make when they return after 20, 30 or even 40 years away from it.
  • Hitting a wall- Perhaps you have been playing (or playing again) for a while but you seem to have hit a wall with your tone. It just does not seem to want to get better no matter what you do.
  • A beginner – Are you learning to make a sound on the flute for the first time? This course will be helpful for you as we go through the fundamentals of flute tone.

In this course, you will receive:

  • Video Lessons – There are over 18 video lessons for you to watch and work through, breaking down this process step by step to help you explore your tone. The best part? You can do these anywhere, anytime!
  • Practice materials – We provide you with specialized exercises in a weekly practice resource that will help you practice and improve your playing, even after completing the course.
  • Practice schedule – We call it “HomePlay” but after each lesson, you will have specific exercises to work on and explore. We give you a plan so you know what to work on and when to do it!


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