Faster fingers in four weeks

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Are you struggling with slow, clumsy fingers? 

Our Four Weeks to Faster Fingers course teaches you to manage your fingers better so that you can gain more agility and speed. 

Our BRAND NEW course launches on the 14th of July!



Do your fingers seem to lag behind whenever you need to play fast passages on the flute?

Do you wish that they moved more fluidly and effortlessly across the keys?

Perhaps you’ve been trying to increase your finger speed, but your efforts seem to be in vain. haven’t been successful. You’re just not sure how to make your fingers more agile. As much as you’ve tried, there isn’t much change and it’s frustrating! So what is the solution?


Famous flutist Marcel Moyse spoke about three essential components of good practice: time, patience, and intelligent work. The secret to getting faster fingers is patiently doing the right type of intelligent work over a consistent period of time.


You need a specialized approach that goes beyond the ‘WHAT’ of practice and focuses on the ‘HOW’ you of practice instead. Let me explain. 

As a student I played through various technical exercises, hoping it would improve my finger speed. However, I always got stuck at a certain point. I assumed the technical exercises would fix my technique. 

When I started shifting my focus and rather started looking at HOW I was practicing the technical exercises, things started to radically shift. I have been a crusader of theif the ‘not WHAT but HOW’ philosophy ever since!


Trying to increase your finger speed without taking the time to analyze what you’re actually doing will not speed up your fingers. 

Our latest course Four Weeks to Faster Fingers is so much more than a collection of some of my favorite technical exercises to develop your finger speed (which it also is!). I give you a step-by-step system that allows you to make meaningful progress in your playing and get more even, controlled, and agile fingers. I show you how to use these exercises to analyze your finger movements, and hand positions and give you some practical tools for increasing your finger speed that can be used for almost any other parts of your practice too.  

Here’s what you get when you buy the course: 

  • Specialized, targeted practice tools to help you achieve faster fingers
  • Short, bite-sized daily exercises to keep you on track
  • More than 24 hands-on practice videos that are easy-to-follow
  • Analytical skills that can be applied to other parts of your practice routine
  • Different resources for different levels so that everyone can join in 

And, since we are launching this course as a community on the 14th of June, you will also get access to a kind, suportive and fun community from all over the world!.

This course will help you to

  • Gain greater finger speed, agility, and control
  • Develop a greater awareness of your fingers’ movements
  • Learn valuable analytical skills that can be applied to other parts of your practice routine
  • Develop discipline in your daily practice
  • Become a more confident player

A one-on-one lesson could cost you as much as $350!

We are offering you our Faster Fingers course for the affordable price of $79.99 

Some other questions you may have

Who is this scale course for?

While this course is aimed at early intermediate to advanced players, we do provide an easier version for less advanced players. So you can join regardless of your level. 

How does this course work?

As the name suggests, the course takes four weeks. Every week, you’ll receive a new technical exercise and six different ways to practice these, You’ll also have access to short video lessons to show you exactly how to practice. 

Can I start this course at any time?

Yes! The wonderful thing about online learning is that you can start working on the course and continue working on it, in your own time and at your own pace! We give you access to the course for a few extra months so that you can keep working on it and come back to it! Once our courses have launched, you are free to start the course at any time!

4 reviews for Faster fingers in four weeks

  1. Cate (verified owner)

    The faster fingers course has been very helpful in providing the guidance and resources to address inconsistent fingering. The approach is very methodical, with lots of practice exercises, and it’s great to see Tatiana working through her own fingering issues as examples. This is a course I will come back to when I’m ready to tackle the high octave fingering challenges.

  2. JUDITH (verified owner)

    My flute instructor has been telling me that I need to get my fingers moving faster but never told me how to do that. The faster fingers course has provided me with an easy-to-follow method to get those fingers moving. I still have some work to do but have noticed an improvement. The videos on finding/eliminating tension are very helpful. I no longer have a death grip on my flute and my tone as well as finger speed has improved. I will make these exercises a regular part of my practice going forward.

  3. Helle (verified owner)

    I loved the Fast Finger course. It has given me insight in what is involved in getting fast fingers and tools to practice ongoing. It has been an eye opener and a pleasant surprise that you don’t have to race fast ahead to learn. A very sensible and easy to follow teaching plan and helps loosen up your fingers.

  4. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Fabulous course. I thought the pacing was great. The different ways from relaxation to playing slowly to moving fingers quickly the different rhythms were all so useful.

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