Do you run the other way when you hear the word IMPROVISATION?

Does the thought of playing a melody without having any notes in front of you (gasp!) terrify you? 

Well, Join the Club!

We understand your anxiety! Many students feel that improvising is not only frightening but also simply out of reach. Many of you might even be thinking- that’s just for the professionals! 

But there are so many benefits!

Here’s the thing though – improvising is not actually that hard to learn AND it has so many benefits. Take a look at all the things that happen when you learn to improvise. You…

✅ Refine your aural skills

Increase your sight-reading abilities

Boost your memory

Enhance your performance skills

Gain a sense of musical freedom

Lastly – it’s just a whole lot of fun!

Now you might be thinking – well, that’s all good, but I’m still terrified! We understand. So how do we tackle that big hurdle of fear?

Here’s what you need to get started…

To help you to get over the fear of improvising, you need a method that you know will work when you need it. Something foolproof that’s easy-to-learn and easy to apply.

Tatiana has been in your shoes and discovered such a method 

In her own words:

“ I was there too! I was terrified of improvisation until I learned some easy and simple approaches that allowed me to get going. Over the years I have not only built my own skills but helped many of my students through the process. “

Meet Tatiana

A professional flutist, founder of The Flute Practice, and absolute flute NERD. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she loves helping students find creative ways to overcome their challenges and find their unique musical voice.

Learn to improvise in our upcoming workshop!

Tatiana will share these methods with you in our upcoming Improvisation Workshop on Saturday, 24th June at 1 pm ET (that’s 7 pm CET and 6 pm UK time). Join us and break through that fear barrier once and for all. There’s so much joy to be found on the other side! 

Here’s a quick summary of what you get when you sign up:

  • Be a part of a fun, interactive session
  • Learn a fail-proof method that will help you to improvise in no time
  • Get access to practice resources and play-along tracks
  • Learn a bunch of fun exercises to take into your practice room
  • Kick-start your improvisation skills

Normally, two hours of flute lessons could cost you up to $150. 

But since it’s important to us here at The Flute Practice to give you an affordable way to improve your hand position in a practical and tangible way, we are offering you access to this groundbreaking workshop for just $45.

Performing/Active participant spots are limited, so sign up while we still have spaces available!


Here's what our community has to say about our workshops:

Every single course Tatiana offers enhances my playing and learning. She is great at teaching you everything in detail, and in a relatable way. She helps you feel comfortable trying new things.
United States
Although I have never heard her say it, but I believe that Tatiana and her team feel they have a personal stake in each of us in this community. If I could put as much faith, motivation and positivity into my musicianship as they do, I will indeed become a better musician, and enjoy the journey. I wish the same to you.
R Allard
This was a FANTASTIC class!!! I learned things I never knew and had been playing for 50 years! I can't believe no one ever taught me the right way to get a nice tone on the flute. I have been working with the tips from the class and heard a definite improvement in my tone almost immediately. I wish I could have had the opportunity to learn this information many years ago!!
Diane C
United States

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Help, I am too shy! Do I need to be on camera?

No, absolutely not. We totally get that many out there are more introverted and a bit shy and want to be there without being seen. We start each session with cameras and microphones off and you can choose whether or not you want to switch it on. There is a chat box where you can ask questions and still be part of the conversation as much as you like!

How do you pay for the workshop?

All payments are processed through PayPal. Don’t have an account? No problem. You can checkout without creating an account! 

I don’t know how to use Zoom! Is this a problem?

Do not worry. We will help you through this process step by step. We send out instructions to help you get set up and are there with you every step of the way!

What if you cannot make the live session?

We record all the sessions so that you can watch them, or re-watch them later. We send out the recordings a few days after the workshop.

What is the difference between an active performing participant and an observer?

As an active participant, you get to work directly with the teacher and have her diagnose and make recommendations for your playing. Everyone will have the opportunity to watch this and these are the observing participants.

Join the workshop here:

When: 24 June from 1-3 pm Eastern Time / 7-9 pm in Central Europe / 6-8 pm in the UK 

Where: Live on Zoom. Sign up and we will send you the link directly.

How to join? Buy a ticket down below. Once you have signed up you will receive the details for the workshop via email so you can easily and effortlessly join on Zoom.

Buy the workshop directly from our online store and get lifetime access to all the the recording of this session and practice materials. You will also get access to our free community!

Did you know, our Premium Members now pay 10% less for all courses and workshops?