What is your flute level?

Finding your flute level is an essential starting point. It will help guide which resources are best for you and the level you are at and what to focus on in your practice. 

One of the easiest ways to identify where you are and what level you are at is to look at the scales you are working on and the range of notes you can play, particularly how high you can play. However, there are many other factors to consider and you may find that you are ahead in some, but behind in others.

The descriptions for each level outline what you should be working on or what you will be working on in that level. They give you an indication of what you should be able to do when you have mastered that level. In other words, if you:

  • Are are able to comfortably play F, G and C major;
  • Are able to play the first two octaves of the flute fairly comfortably;
  • Meet the other requirements of the beginner level;
  • Have just started or perhaps not yet started learning the minors;

You will classify yourself as a novice player, not a beginner. 

Remember progress is constantly in motion and there are no fixed parameters. If you choose a level and the material is too challenging, go back a step. If it is too easy, go to the more challenging content. 

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What flute level are you?

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