Five benefits of self-paced, online learning

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For many of us, the internet has become an increasingly normal part of our lives, especially since the pandemic. We are quite used to doing things in the virtual space – we shop online, have virtual meetings, speak to our friends across space and time, and yes, also use the internet to learn new skills. 

Some might be skeptical – can you really learn a new skill online? Can I learn just as well through my computer screen as I would in a face-to-face setting? I would say yes!

Let’s dive into five reasons why learning the flute online can actually be a great tool for progress:

1. Flexibility

Imagine this: you’ve just purchased an amazing course that will help you get faster fingers (like this one 😉😉 ) and it’s ready to go, just waiting for you on your computer. But, oh wait, unfortunately, you won’t be able to start the course this weekend since you’ll be attending a wedding. And you probably won’t get to it during your work day. However, you will have time in the evenings after 8 p.m. Guess what – no problem! The course will be right there on your computer waiting for you.

Unlike courses that take place regularly at a physical location, online learning can be adapted to your schedule. And since we all lead such busy lives these days, practice can fit into your schedule instead of the other way around. 

Learning at the time that best suits you is a huge advantage! 

2. Less pressure to perform

If you’re anything like I was (probably still am to some extent!), you hate having to perform in front of others. For me, having any kind of eyes on me, watching me would just add that extra layer of anxiety that I really didn’t need! It created pressure that actually affected my performance too. I remember sitting in my lessons, feeling awkward and uncomfortable and wishing the floor could just swallow me up. I really hated having the spotlight on me. 

So, for all of you out there who get anxious performing in front of others, (yes, even if it’s just your teacher!), online learning might be the right way to go. It’s a low-pressure, comfortable way to learn and make progress. 

Plus, it could even be a way for you to start conquering your fear of performing! Many online courses offer some live elements (live workshops or Q&A sessions), which could be a way to take some steps out of your comfort zone every now and then too. Win-win!

3. Learn at your own pace

Imagine you are sitting in a group class and the teacher says something you don’t catch. Perhaps you might ask them to repeat it, but you certainly don’t want to be that person who keeps asking and asking, holding up the rest of the class.

Guess what – with recorded online sessions, you can rewind as much as you want and rewatch all the parts you missed or would like to repeat. You don’t hold up the rest of the class and you can rewatch these parts as much as you like. 

You can also choose to spend more time on those sections of a  course that are important to you and breeze through the other parts that are less relevant. How fast and how much you do in one session is completely up to you. 

4. A life-time resource

Many courses you sign up for will enable you to keep the resources for life. This might be especially useful if you stop playing the flute for a while and then decide to return to it.

Unlike a face-to-face lesson, a self-paced online course is often a permanent resource you can keep coming back to.  

I have some online courses that I bought a few years ago, that have become valuable permanent resources that I reference time and time again. 

5. Taking ownership of your learning journey

Students who learn online tend to take a much greater responsibility for their learning process. It’s one of the reasons online learning is particularly well suited to adults. It puts the control back in their hands. 

In conversations with Tatiana she has highlighted the important differences in her teaching style when she teaches online versus in person. Teaching in person allows a teacher to step in, place the instrument correctly on the lip, or help move a student into position. And yes, this is hugely beneficial, but a good online teacher will have to help that student discover that feeling by themselves and this can be a game-changer. It’s the whole “teach a man to fish” vs “just give him the fish.”

When students learn how to do things on their own, it accelerates their learning. They don’t just depend on their teacher to help them find it each week in a lesson, but rather, they’re being given the tools to learn and discover it for themselves. 

Some last words..

Along with being a flexible, low-pressure way to learn at your own pace, self-paced online learning can also be a great way to (re-)start your flute journey.  

Perhaps you want to start learning the flute or get back into it, but you’re not quite sure which way to go. Should you sign up for group classes, get a teacher, or perhaps join a band? 

While all of those could be great options, signing up for an online program might actually be a great way to get your foot in the door. It’s a gentle, comfortable way to explore the flute and get started on your flute journey. 

Now you may be wondering, does The Flute Practice offer something like this? 

Yes! We’ve been working really hard on producing something amazing here at The Flute Practice, which will certainly give you all of the benefits of a self-paced online learning program. 

Click here to learn about this new amazing program (currently available for novice players). 


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  1. The above five reasons for an on-line flute class are 100 per cent correct. I have a different on-line course than Tatiana’s that is good for one year at the initial cost. (found that course before I found about Tatiana’s course) Continuing years will cost me 10%. But the course is fantastic and sets me in the right direction with each lesson. I also have an in-person teacher. I believe both are needed because I learn stuff on-line but use the teacher for minor corrections and questions not covered in the on-line class. Been practicing for two mounts now (Beginner/Novice) and am planning on joining Tatiana’s classes in a couple of months.