Change the way
you learn the flute

Making meaningful progress
while having FUN

We don’t just teach the flute, we teach the human, YOU.

Making tangible progress on the flute is about having
the right resources for your level and knowing HOW to use them.

This journey is about so much more than just playing the flute. It is about making music, connecting with that creative, expressive part of yourself and finding immense joy in the process! 

What we offer:

Master the fundamentals, make progress, connect with others and grow your love for the instrument.

Courses and classes for every level

Develop your technique and improve our playing from anywhere in the world with one of our video courses, live classes or workshops.

Step-by-step practice resources

Sheet music, practice plans and technical exercises so that you know exactly WHAT to practice and WHEN to practice it.

The kindest flute community online

At least we think so! Join the family and discover a group of like-minded players ready to support encourage and cheer you on!

Here's what our community has to say:

This is a brilliant page for learning so much and sharing in a community of all abilities and expertise.
Paul D
United Kingdom
Every single course Tatiana offers enhances my playing and learning. She is great at teaching you everything in detail, and in a relatable way. She helps you feel comfortable trying new things.
United States
I love the encouragement of Tatiana's teaching and her ability to identify the needs of her student.
Barbara G
I am part of The Flute Practice’s wonderful virtual community. I’ve watched so many lousy videos and heard so much poorly explained or bad advice before finding The Flute Practice. Finally! A space with clear, concise, proper advice and guidance from a knowledgeable caring person who can teach with ‘gentle toughness’. Exactly the right motivation at the right time.

Although I have never heard her say it, but I believe that Tatiana and her team feel they have a personal stake in each of us in this community. If I could put as much faith, motivation and positivity into my musicianship as they do, I will indeed become a better musician, and enjoy the journey. I wish the same to you.
R Allard

Welcome to The Flute Practice family

The Flute Practice is a learning platform that helps flutists from all over the world learn to play the flute and grow their love for this beautiful instrument. And we usually do this with a good dose of laughter. Because here at The Flute Practice, we believe that high-quality learning can also be lots of fun.

Hi, I'm Tatiana

A professional flutist, founder of The Flute Practice, and absolute flute NERD. With over 10 years of teaching experience, I love helping students find creative ways to overcome their challenges, learn how to practice well and find their unique musical voice. 

In 2016 I started a YouTube channel called The Flute Practice which has helped thousands of flutists overcome their challenges and discover more joy in their playing and practice. This community grew into a kind supportive community  across various different platforms until 2022 when we launched a new home for this wonderful global group of players, right here!

Just because you're “all grown up” doesn’t mean you can't have FUN
while learning an instrument

If you are:

  • Learning the flute for the first time.
  • Re-learning the flute after a long time away from it.
  • Feeling ‘stuck’ and a bit lost, not making the progress you want to.
  • Looking for more ease and nuance in their playing.
  • Looking for a great community to support you!

What you will find inside our learning platform

Easy to follow video courses

Learn your scales, improve your tone, overcome your biggest challenges and more, all at your own pace and in your own time.

Live classes and workshops

Want to get direct input into your practice and playing? Join one of our regular classes or once-off workshops to make a breakthrough in your playing!

Join our community

Joining our premium membership will not only give you access to a kind and supportive community of flutists, it will allow you to post videos, get feedback and, best of all, join our monthly LIVE Q&A on Zoom called Let’s Hang Out.

Step-by-step practice resources

Wondering what to practice? Look no further. Get resources that are created and curated for your specific needs, with everything you need to practice in a month clearly laid out for you in one place.

Ready to reach your dream of playing beautifully?